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Bring colour into your everyday life.

Sustainable clothing & accessories made from exotic fabrics.

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Unique. Versatile. Boundless.
Refreshingly different. Genuine.
Authentic. Handmade. Unique. Colourful every day.
Celebrate life.

"JUA is more than just a pair of trousers. JUA is an attitude to life! Get out of the daily grind and enjoy life! Wear them for all your activities. Fun, colourful and intoxicating for any occasion."

JUA Design Africa

A wearable lifestyle.

JUA DESIGN customer reviews

"Super advice! Very nice contact! Fast delivery! But the best thing are the trousers themselves! These are my new favourite trousers, great colours, really comfortable, a super fit.... just perfect!"

- Heike, 1st April 2020

"Top! These trousers are simply awesome. Thank you very much, keep up the good work and get over the time well!"

- Mathias, 23 March 2020

"Super design, they fit perfectly, great craftsmanship, super-fast delivery!"

- Fritz, 17th April 2020

"Buying Jua pants is like getting tattoos: once you have one, you need more. This is my third pair of Jua pants. I need more. This model is briljant: nice and baggy, sits nicely on the hips, lots of space for my thighs and bum. The fabric is beautiful and stays beautiful after use and washing. My Jua pants never make it to my closet, after washing and drying I put them on again."

- Paula, 2nd May 2019

"Gorgeous trousers. Love, love, LOVE them and the customer service is amazing!"

- Zeph, 13th Sep 2019

"🔥 a dream, like the other two models I already have 😉... 👍 Thanks, keep up the good work 👍"

- Mathias, 18th April 2020

"The trousers are awesome! Super comfortable and fit like a glove. The order arrived within a few days (two or three). I am thrilled and want to thank the team!"

- Silvia, 29th October 2019

"Unique 😍 😊 Every pair of trousers is one of a kind 😍"

- Claudi, 26th March 2018
JUA Design team