Inspired when he was working as a volunteer in Kenya for a year, JUA then became a family idea. After the whole family became involved at the beginning, the two brothers, Mathias & Philipp, now take care of the entire business: fabric purchasing, production, order processing and bookkeeping. From time to time, mum, Eva, helps with shipping. Step-by-step, things are moving forward - and don't worry there are plenty more ideas for the future!


Technology and Marketing

A PC-based online shop. Logistics. Digital maintenance, new layouts and texts, data backup and lots of problem solving - Philipp is the man at the keyboard. He also looks after JUA's external image and wants to make every day more colourful for as many people as possible.


Managing Director

After his year doing voluntary work in Africa, Mathias brought back souvenirs for family & friends - among other things, patchwork trousers were in the excess luggage. The response was so good that Mathias now takes care of everything that is involved in a growing company, from customer contact and production, to packaging and shipping.



Fresh ideas, new designs, and peppy combinations. Refining details. Overall aesthetics. With her experience Elisa brings dynamism to our products and is constantly optimizing them. After all, standing still usually means going backwards.


Mama Africa

At home in Senegal for almost half a century, our Dutchwoman is an integral part of the African community there. Herma gives the locals work and thus a perspective for the future. She pays fair prices and sells the handmade artworks worldwide. Listening, communicating and resolving conflicts - a real confidant who has her fellow humans’ well-being at heart. Her son Danny assists her.

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